Rental conditions

The rates include:
Unlimited mileage (except if limited mileage is provided for a certain offer)

Third Party Liability:
Paid all road taxes for the territory of Republic of Bulgaria

CDW - reduces the renter`s liability in case of damage of the vehicle up to the amount of the deposit (excess). CDW is valid only if a protocol from the Police Authorities is presented. Does not cover damage to the vehicle due to driving under the influence of alcohol, other intoxicating substances or due violation of the Bulgarian Traffic Laws.

TP - Reduce the renter`s liability in case of theft of the vehicle up to the amount of the deposit (excess). TP is valid only if protocol from the Police Authorities is presented and the car keys and documents are returned.

Replacement car in case of technical issue EI VAT 20%.

Renter`s personal requirements:
Renter must have held a full driving license for a minimum of 2 years. Minimum driver`s age - 23 years, documents needed for car rental (ID card, passport and credit/debit card). Drivers under 23 years must pay an additional "Young driver" fee of 6,00 € per day. The required security deposit is double (there might be restrictions for some car classes). Explicit confirmation by the Lessor required.

Rental period:
Minimal rental period is 24 hours. If the vehicle is returned after the expiration of the hire contract without notice, the Renter will be charged as follows: up to 4 hours - rate for one day; over 4 hours rate for 2 rental days, over 8 hours - 3 rental days.

Method of payment and security:
Deposit: In cash or with credit card. The Renter must leave security deposit by card or in cash.

the vehicle is returned with a full of fuel. The Renter returned the car full of fuel in our presence.

The prices may very depending on the season.